Whether you are planning a staycation, travelling abroad or simply just visiting family, here at TORRO we understand the stress that these exciting plans can bring. Our travel range has been designed to be the perfect blend of functionality and style to ensure you have a versatile solution for all your essential travel needs.


Organisation is at the root of relaxing, stress-free travel. Whether you are taking a business trip, a short family holiday or the adventure of a lifetime, let the TORRO range of leather travel accessories give you the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy yourself.

While our original Leather Travel Wallet was extremely popular, we felt expanding the range to include the slighter smaller solo travel wallet, was vital in ensuring that our travel collection was suited to all travellers. Our Travel Wallets were specifically designed to cater to all types of travellers, whether that be a solo traveller or the traveller who ends up taking charge of their trip with family/friends.

A TORRO Travel Wallet allows you to keep all your essentials like passports, boarding passes, currency and any other important travel documents all in one place. This can be especially convenient in helping to avoid that brief panic at the airport when you think you’ve lost/misplaced your passport when it comes to check in – having everything you need handy in one place instantly eliminates any potential worries or concerns.


For those of you posing yourself the question of “what happens if I misplace the travel wallet?”, then that is exactly where our AirTag Leather Keyring Set comes in. With the same high-quality leather from TORRO that you know and love, you can easily insert and apply your Apple AirTag to your luggage with the AirTag Holder, allowing you to keep track of your bag or suitcase while on the move. The same can be said for your keys with our AirTag keyring – you’ll have an added layer of style while also never losing track of your keys again.

Our brand-new Leather Passport holder was designed for those that like to travel light but also appreciate the added convenience of having their passport easily accessible (and kept on the correct page) while also adding an additional layer of protection. There’s also space for your boarding pass and it will easily slip into your bag or pocket, the added convenience which makes it the perfect travel companion.

You’re missing one thing to complete the look and, truly, travel in style – your sunglasses. There is truly no better way to finish your travel look than with your shades in a TORRO leather sunglasses case.

Designed to protect and give a luxurious look to your Glasses/Sunglasses, the microfibre-lined interior and nose bridge will protect your glasses from scratches and marks. While also complementing your existing TORRO travel accessories, you would be the envy of all around the pool or on the campsite.

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