The iPad Mini 6th Generation features a slightly larger screen than its predecessors, at 8.3” compared to Mini 5’s 7.9” screen. Of course, this means that the home button is no more, so Touch ID has been incorporated into the power button, just as it is with the Air 4. For those concerned about device performance, the Mini 6 has been fitted with the same A15 bionic processor as the iPhone 13 meaning it is 40% quicker for CPU tasks and 80% quicker for GPU-based apps, according to Apple. Another interesting change is the switch from a lightning port over to USB-C, leading us to once again pose the question as to when or if this will also happen on the iPhone, particularly with rumours this may be mandated within the next couple of years.

The launch of a new iPad is always an exciting time, but the announcement of the new iPad Mini 6 really got the creative juices following at TORRO. The new iPad Mini is a compact but powerful bit of tech, which now resembles a smaller version of the iPad Air 4. It was undoubtedly the star of the show at the September's Apple Event, alongside the iPhone 13 series. That’s why we have went ahead and launched two brand new cases specifically for this model to cater to different style preferences.

TORRO Leather Cover

The TORRO Leather Cover for iPad Mini 6 is a bespoke design, handcrafted from premium cowhide leather to provide a stylish and functional solution to protect your iPad. With Apple introducing the Mini 6 with similar functions as the Air 4 when it comes to Touch ID, it required careful consideration. Our custom made, unique TORRO frames feature a precision cut out for Touch ID on the Mini 6, granting you full unrestricted access to this functionality.

With the iPad Mini 6 being the first in the Mini range which features Second Generation Apple Pencil compatibility, it was also important that our new frame featured Apple Pencil functionality. One of the most well-received features of our existing range of iPad cases is the indented groove to allow your Apple Pencil to charge through the case. That’s why our new case for the 6th Gen iPad Mini also features an indented groove to incorporate this feature.

The Leather Cover for iPad Mini 6 features two support strips on the inner front cover, these are designed to allow you to operate your iPad Mini 6 in two horizontal viewing angles. Both positions were carefully considered in provide the most desired viewing angles for multiple situations, whether that be watching a new series or typing, making the TORRO Leather Cover an ideal companion for your new iPad.

TORRO Magnetic Leather Case

One of our favourite TORRO products is the Magnetic Leather Case for iPad Pro 11” and 12.9”, so we thought – why not make one for the new iPad Mini 6? With Apple opting to give the new generation iPad Mini an overhaul in terms of design and specification, it felt like an excellent opportunity to extend the range of iPads that our Leather Magnetic Cases accommodate.

The TORRO Magnetic Leather Case is a frameless case which allows your iPad Mini 6 to securely attach to the case via built-in magnets, providing a slimline and lightweight solution to protect your iPad. It Is lined with soft microfibre lining to protect your iPad from marks and scratches and the frameless design means that you always have full unrestricted access to the new Touch ID function of the iPad.

The fold over clasp creates a secure closure but also facilitates space and the ability to connect your Apple Pencil directly on the iPad itself for a seamless charging experience. The clasp itself also provides an additional layer of protection for your Apple Pencil so that you can place down your iPad and not worry about your device or pencil picking up any scratches or scuff marks. A TORRO Magnetic Leather Case for iPad Mini 6 adds style, functionality and protection to your device.

Bespoke UK Design

TORRO Cases for iPad Mini 6 have been designed from the ground up in the UK in order to provide stylish and functional solutions to protect and enhance your new iPad. With initial reception of the Mini 6 being overwhelmingly positive, we very much suspect that it will be widely embraced by customers and are looking forward to our premium leather cases being equally well received.

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