It’s important that you keep your laptop or MacBook cared for and well looked after. Regardless of whether you’re carrying it to and from the office or simply for personal use, you should consider what the best option for carrying and protecting it is. There are several factors that you should keep in mind when deciding whether a sleeve or a bag is better suited to your laptop/MacBook carrying needs.


If storage for additional items when carrying your laptop is of importance to you, then the likelihood is that a laptop bag would be a better choice. An additional pocket allows you to easier carry notepads, charger, or additional devices without a second thought, easily keeping everything in one place if you are continually on the go. Conversely, if you’re carrying just your laptop to and from work or around the house, then you would likely benefit from a laptop sleeve that offers a more slimline solution, with the possibility of including a few notes/documents if absolutely necessary.


Convenience can be looked at in two ways when it comes to laptop bags and sleeves. You could consider a laptop bag more convenient as the should strap makes it easier to carry and, as mentioned earlier, they have extra storage space. On the other hand, you could consider a laptop sleeve more convenient, as you may find that, for you, the more slimline and lightweight nature of a sleeve makes it easier to place in a backpack or keep safe at home.

TORRO Leather Laptop Sleeve with 100% wool felt lining TORRO Leather Laptop Sleeve with 100% wool felt lining


Both a laptop bag and laptop sleeve provide an additional layer of protection when compared to just carrying your laptop as is. If you don’t carry your laptop with you too often or if you are mostly indoors, then a slim laptop sleeve would provide a snug fit to minimise the risk of any marks or scratches. A laptop sleeve is also useful for placing your laptop inside an overnight bag or backpack without adding unnecessary bulk.

On the other hand, if you are a more frequent traveller or carry your laptop around more often, then perhaps a laptop bag would be more beneficial for you given that it still provides your device with protection but also adds the convenience of carrying with a shoulder strap and also has extra space for your charger.

TORRO Dark Brown Leather Laptop Folio Sleeve TORRO Dark Brown Leather Laptop Folio Sleeve

Design and Style

While serving a function of protecting and making it easier to carry around your laptop, both laptop bags and sleeves also add to your overall style. It may be the case that you feel the sleekness of a sleeve is better suited for the office when you’re giving a presentation while a laptop bag more suits your day to day to style. As a result, many people consider owning multiple options so there is always something ready to fit, not just their needs, but also their style.

Which should you choose?

Ultimately, the decision of whether a laptop bag or a laptop sleeve is better really does come down to personal preference. If the idea of a lightweight option that adds a snug layer of protection and can easily be placed in a weekend bag sounds good, then a laptop sleeve is likely the best choice. Whereas, if an option with additional storage space and a shoulder strap for easier carrying sounds like the best choice for your needs, then a laptop bag would make the best choice.

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