In general, there are very few occasions where we would recommend not getting someone a gift. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or simply just because you feel like it, the act of gift giving has been scientifically proven to make both the gift giver and the gift receiver happier – meaning giving someone a gift would not only lift their spirts, but yours as well.

What Makes a Good Gift?

The feigned enthusiasm when opening a gift that you’re not interested in – we’ve all been there. It could have been a pair of socks you don’t need, the dark chocolate you don’t like or an item of clothing that just isn’t to your taste, it’s difficult to pretend to be happy even though it’s been bought with the best of intentions. To avoid making the same mistake, you should put as much thought as possible into your gifts.

There are multiple characteristics which will help get you on your way to giving the perfect gift. At TORRO, we like to consider that a gift should be:

  • Thoughtful – An element of thoughtfulness can go a long way towards elevating a gift - it shows that you listen.
  • Unique – A unique gift stands out from the regular gifts everyone tends to receive. It may be something that someone wouldn’t necessarily find on their own, giving them an element of rarity.
  • Useful – Of course, the most logical factor being that a gift should be useful for the receiver. We’ve all been on the wrong end of receiving trinkets that ultimately function as dust collectors. If that’s going to be the only use of the gift you’re giving, then we even bother?

Top 8 Gifts for Any Occasion

With a basic understanding of the factors that make a good gift, here are our favourite gift ideas suitable for any occasion.

1. Bifold Leather Wallet

Bifold Leather Wallets

We all have someone in our lives that constantly carries around an old wallet, stuffed with old cards, receipts and more. Not only is this uncomfortable to carry around their pockets, but it can also make them feel more stressed because of the disorganisation.

Gifting this person with a slimline bifold wallet gives them a reason to re-organise their everyday carry. They may not immediately know they need it, but we guarantee that they’ll appreciate it.

You may want to get them started by including a small amount of cash, but that decision is best left up to you.

2. Slimline Credit / Debit Card Holder

Tan Leather Card Holder

On the other hand, you may know someone who already has a slimline wallet, who has mentioned in passing that they’re looking to have a more minimalist everyday carry. For that person, getting rid of their existing slimline wallet in favour of a card holder is the obvious next step.

3. Travel Wallet

Luxury leather travel wallets

Although they’re technically supposed to last us 10 years, we’re all used to experiencing general wear and tear with our passports. For someone in your life who travels more frequently or even someone you know who’s heading on a trip, then a travel wallet would make an excellent gift. It will help keep their passport safe and their trip organised

4. Leather Watch Straps

Luxury Leather Watch Straos

A new watch strap is one of those accessories that people will often not realise they need. A new strap can go a long way to refreshing the look of a watch, without having to buy a new watch altogether. If you notice someone wearing a leather watch strap that is starting to experience wear and tear, then a new strap, whether for Apple Watch or a regular watch, is a gift that’s guaranteed to go down well.

5. Laptop Bag

Luxury leather laptop sleeves

With flexible work options now becoming essentially the norm, many people are now working from home, cafes, the beach, the office and everywhere in between. This means that there are now more people carrying their work laptop or MacBook around than ever before.

Gifting them with a laptop messenger bag will allow them to keep all their work and laptop essentials in one place, while keeping their laptop safe from marks and scratches.

6. Luxury Leather Phone Case

Tan leather keyring attached to key

Of course, not everyone in the world uses a laptop for work, but most people these days do carry a phone almost 24/7. As such, leather phone cases are a gift that can be used and appreciated by almost everyone.

7. Leather Keyring / Keychain

Tan leather keyring attached to key

Almost everyone has keys, so a leather keyring is a gift that can be useful to virtually everyone. A new keyring can turn a boring, unrecognisable bunch of keys into a more noticeable daily accessory, meaning your partner or housemate may stop picking up the wrong keys by mistake. In that context it may also be somewhat of a gift to yourself.

For those in your life who are always losing their keys, you might even consider getting them an Apple AirTag and an accompanying AirTag key ring, so that the next time they lose their keys, they can easily track them down.

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