For much of my lifetime, I’ve very much posed myself the following question- “why would I ever buy myself a wallet only to have less money to store in it?”. As such, the only wallets I have ever used have been ones which have been purchased for me as a gift. Typically, I was gifted with a bulkier wallet with a pocket for coins. Essentially for as long as I can remember I’ve just been throwing cash, cards, receipts and train tickets into my wallet and not giving it a second thought.

Over the last 2 years, for obvious reasons, the use of cash has seen a significant decline, to the point that I would be unable to pinpoint when I last handed over physical money in payment for a good or service. With mobile banking at my fingertips and the shift in consumer trends to be geared more towards shopping online, carrying a chunk of cash just isn’t the necessity that it once was.

Now with that said, there is still very much a need to carry around my credit and debit cards, driver’s license, Tesco Clubcard and unfortunately in my case, a Sunderland AFC season ticket (I know, we’re based in Newcastle so that’s verging on blasphemy). So, despite my realisation that physical cash wasn’t quite as much of a necessity in today’s world, I still needed to carry some sort of storage for my cards.

A Drastic Change

At first, I toyed with the idea of going with a slim bifold wallet, but ultimately felt like if I was finally going to make a change, it should more drastic. As such, I opted for one of our leather card holders. The added freedom of not carrying around a bulky old wallet is a luxury that I did not know I was missing out on for all these years. Switching to a slender card holder immediately meant that I was more comfortable walking, driving or sitting at my desk as my pocket was no longer encumbered with the unnecessary thickness of my old wallet.

I’ll freely admit that at first, carrying around a slim cardholder instead of my bulky old wallet left me feeling ‘naked’, or perhaps more accurately, like I was constantly missing something. Having lost the additional weight in my pocket was a strange new sensation, you could even say it felt somewhat freeing. After a few days of use, I knew I would never look back.

Now of course, there may be the occasional need to use cash at some point in the future, whether that be to leave a tip or in case a store has a minimum card spend. With that in mind, the good news is that my slim cardholder even has space for a note or two, should I ever need them, so all bases are covered.

Don’t spend the next 10 years of your life carrying your cumbersome old wallet, make the switch to a slimline leather cardholder today, and trust me, I am speaking from personal experience when I say that you will never look back.

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