2023 sees us celebrate 10 years of TORRO. The brand was founded on the ethos to use luxurious materials, attention to detail in design and the desire to balance style with functionality.

What better way to celebrate than to reflect on the evolution of our cases over the last decade?

2013: TORRO enters the world of luxury leather phone cases

TORRO Leather Flip Case for iPhone 5

In September 2012 with the release of the iPhone 5, there was a distinct lack of premium leather cases available at an accessible price tag, so we worked on creating our own. The first TORRO case, a vertical flip style case for iPhone 5, hit the shelves in January of 2013. Unlike our current range, these featured a simple polycarbonate frame. With an initial production run of 100 cases, they proved an immediate success and thus production continued and TORRO began to grow.

One of our customers favourite features with a flip case was, and remains, that the flip down cover makes taking photos with the handset as easy as possible.

2014: The Phone 6 Wallet Case arrives with added convenience

TORRO Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6

After experimenting with several case designs over our first year, we decided that the iPhone 6 presented the perfect opportunity to further expand our range of cases. To accompany the flip style cases, we also developed a wallet style case. While original TORRO cases featured hidden magnets within the body of the case for closure, the wallet style case provided customers with added security through the leather strap closure. This was particularly appreciated by customers who enjoy the convenience of storing credit/debit cards within their case.

2014: TORRO iPad cases enter the market

TORRO Leather iPad Cases with Stand Function

The first iteration of a TORRO iPad case also originated back in 2014. This case featured a design whereby the case would fold back into a clip on the rear that allowed it to sit in a both an upright and lower stand function. Existing TORRO customers enjoyed the fact that they now had an iPad case that matched the style and quality of their iPhone 5 / iPhone 6 cases.

Expanding the Phone Case Range

TORRO Leather Folio Case, Bumper Case and Pouch

We deliberated, and continue to deliberate over the finer details of our cases ensuring we offer cases of the highest quality whilst maintaining maximum functionality. To expand the ranges of cases we offered, we introduced 3 new styles:

Folio Cases (with stand function)

The folio style case introduced the integrated stand function, allowing customers to use their phone in a horizontal position - perfect for watch videos, hands-free. This proved to be extremely popular and remains a key feature of our cases today.

Slimline Bumper Cases

The bumper case was aimed at those customers who were seeking a more lightweight solution that added a layer of protection to their handset while also maintaining the stylish appearance that premium leather provides.


    The pouch case was perfect for those who appreciated the aesthetic beauty of their iPhone but sought peace of mind when it was not in use.

    The evolution of the iPad Case

    TORRO Leather iPad Case

    As the iPad itself evolved, so did our cases. Moving away from the clip on the back of the case, we introduced the support strips that you recognise today - allowing the iPad to be used efficiently at multiple viewing angles.


    2022: Folio Cases with MagSafe Charging

    TORRO Leather Folio Case with MagSafe Charging

    With the introduction of the iPhone 14 in 2022, we launched our newest case design - the MagSafe phone cases - an evolution of our folio style case to incorporate MagSafe compatibility.

    While we had added MagSafe charging compatibility to alternate style cases for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, it is not something we had ever included in our folio style case.

    The incorporation of MagSafe, however, did require the removal of the stand function, which is why we now offer both the MagSafe Folio style case, alongside our traditional Leather Case with Stand Function so that all our customers' needs and preferences are catered for.

    GEO-AS-3 - Our most advanced case to date

    TORRO Case with advanced GEO-AS-3 technology

    To coincide with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series, we introduced our latest case design featuring advanced GEO-AS-3™ technology to provide maximum protection for the device. Our most advanced cases to date.

    Find out more about the journey to our GEO-AS-3™ frames.

    What's Next?

    Although 10 years have passed, our ethos and priorities have not changed and we continue to innovate with a focus on luxurious materials, attention to detail in design and the desire to balance style with functionality.

    The Difference is in the Detail

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